Our Reviews

Our Reviews!

Posted in chronological order. 
(Top of the list = newest, bottom of the list = oldest)
Tag Chaser by Kandi Steiner★

Ledger by Kemmie Michaels★

Come Sundown by Chelsea Landon★

Seduce Me by Ryan Michele★

Between Before and After by Amanda Dick★

Falling Back Together by Kristen Hope Mazzola★

That Which Destroys Me by Kimber S Dawn★

The Cowboy In Me by Lorraine Britt ★

A Firefighters Flame by Dani Hart★

Throttle Me by Chelle Bliss★

Crashing Back Down by Author Kristen Hope Mazzola★

Finding Us by Harper Bentley★

Private Show by Danielle Torella★

Fractured Steel by TJ Loveless★

Absolution by Amanda Dick★

Tricks by Cambria Hebert★

More Than Him by Jay McLean★

Ravage Me by Ryan Michele★

Destiny's Detour by Mari Brown★

Life's A Capella by Yessi Smith★

Tainted by K.A. Robinson★

Her Love Ran Crimson by Zoey Foster★

Reaching Rachel by LL Collins★

A Woman Gone Mad by Kimber S. Dawn★

Seamless by RL Griffin★

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