Tuesday, July 1, 2014

★☆★☆4 Star Review!★☆★☆ Ledger by Kemmie Michaels

Ledger sees the defeat in her eyes the moment she sits at the bar, devastated and beautiful. The emptiness in her gaze he understands to his core, and he's instantly compelled to help this brown-haired beauty fight the source of her pain. Determined and intense, he needs to use his strength to help her find her own. Cam Foster, in that instant, becomes the dove he wants to free from her cage. From the first night, he needs her.

Cruelly, the past refuses to let her go. The lingering manipulation holds her in that cage as the control she lived under continues to crush the woman she wants to become. Even though Ledger offers her heated passion and a safe haven, she can't find her way out.

Desire and danger fight to pull her life in two directions...but those forces may crumble as Ledger fights harder than any barrier he and his dove face.


This book is....pretty damned awesome! Not gonna lie!

Hooking you from the very first page and refusing to let go until the very end! Humor, hot scenes, angst and mystery all kept me turning the pages until, sadly, there weren't any pages left to turn.

PLOT: Camille has spent the last two years of her life trying to live up to Garret Masters' expectations of her. When the true reason behind Garrett's fascination with Camille is revealed, she can't help but feel like the punchline to some ridiculous joke.Her Name?! That's why he was with her, because of the way her name sounded with his. Finally, after having enough, Cami decides to leave the "uppity jackass" and calls for the support of the only friend who stood by her side while Cami played dress up in Garrett's world. Driving away from Garrett's home, Cami finally feels free of the stuffy life she was living. Little does she know, that wont be the last time she sees Garrett.

Crashing on her best friends couch, Cami is starting to feel like a mooch. She's been looking for a job for weeks with no luck. She dropped out of community college, has no references, no job experience, nothing. Garrett left her with nothing. Feeling down and out about her lack of luck in the job department Cami agrees to go out with her best friend, Shelby, to a bar called Second Chances for a few drinks....Are we seeing some foreshadowing here?? I THINK SOOOOOOO :) 

Ledger isn't at all what he seems. He isn't just a bartender with a pretty face. (But I'll let you figure out everything else on your own hehe)

Ledger takes an immediate notice to Cami, and she certainly notices him in return. And in a matter of weeks, they seem to be inseparable. AND THAT is why I couldn't rate this boo 5 stars. 

REVIEW As hot, and fun, and amazing as Cami and Ledger's relationship is, it all happened way to fast. They were sleeping together, then dating, then in love all in a matter of weeks. That is THE ONLY reason this book didn't get a five star review from me, but aside from that, this book was/is a definite MUST READ.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of this book is watching Cami transform and develop throughout the whole story. From the second she leaves Garrett, Cami evolves, or dissolves, into the old her. The her before Garrett, and his high class status, and uppity parties. 

It's nice to have a character that is more complex than just A+B=C ya know? To be able to have all these depths and levels that you get to unravel and reveal throughout the book. THATS the kind of stuff that captivates a reader. THATS the kind of stuff that captivated me in this book.

Kemmie Michaels has weaved an amazing story with so much to absorb. From Cami's insecurities, Ledgers sexy tendencies, and Garrett's psychotic breakdown, there's plenty of story to go around! It's a completely engaging story and had me completely sucked in until the very end! 

I highly recommend that anybody with eyes, read this book! 



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