Thursday, December 19, 2013

★ Double 5 Star Review ★

Taylor's Review
**DISCLAIMER** To everyone who isn't RL Griffin, please excuse the excessive use of the word "Fuck" in this review. She gave me permission personally...told me it was her favorite of the curse now I have to over exaggerate my use of it just because...well RL Griffin is fucking awesome, and she gave me permission. Soooo, yeah.


I just...I don't even...I cant...

This series nearly killed me. My girl Kelli recommended the first book in this series (By A Thread) to me like a million years ago. Like when dinosaurs roamed the earth and shit. And well, I've been hooked ever fucking(1) since.

This book was everything I wanted it be. It summed up just about every fucking(2) question I had after RL Griffin left me with that horrible fucking(3) cliffhanger at the end of Tension.

I had only one TEEENSY TINY issue with this book. Which isn't really teensy tiny at all! All of Chapter 27. That was my issue with this book. R.L. Griffin and I had some words about this...not very many words, seeing as Twitter limits your fucking(4) character count, but words none the less. ANY WAY! I refuse to spoil a book, so if you haven't read this yet, you will soon understand why Chapter 27 was an issue for me.

But in all seriousness, when I read this chapter, I thought my world was going to end. I was that into this damn book, that for one, I actually cried, and two, I actually felt my heart break a tiny bit for these fictional characters. Words like "WHAT THE FUCK(5)?!" and "WHAT A DUMB BITCH" may or may not have been spoken. Or yelled. Depends on who in my household you ask. You ask my family, they'll tell you I yelled, you ask my cat, and he probably wont say a fucking(6) word. So be sure to ask him. His name is Bandit...just in case you were wondering.

I really wanted to cut a bitch. I've never wanted to hunt down an author as bad as I wanted to hunt down RL Griffin, to make her change the story so that my heart would stop hurting. I was torn. I was torn between throwing my god damned iPhone across the room, cussing out RL Griffin, or finishing the damned book.....I finished the book...then cussed out RL Griffin, and well...I love my phone to much to throw I didn't/wont be doing that.

I am so totally in love with all of these characters. I feel like I know them all. I felt their pain, I felt their elation, I felt it when [SPOILER ALERT] Millie fell flat on her fucking(7) face on her way to the strip club. But the character I felt the most for, was obviously Mister Sexy Ass Bartender Man.

Honestly. George is seriously one of my top 5 book boyfriends. Despite all the shit Stella has put him through his dedication, devotion, love, understanding, and support never, and I mean fucking (8) NEVER wavered. Not once. He is seriously amazing. If I could create my own boyfriend, he would have all of George's amazing qualities. If you haven't yet read these, DO IT NOW! And for those of you who have, you understand where I'm coming from.

Aside from that one teeny tiny issue. This book was fucking (9) sensational. It was seriously everything it needed to be to end the series the right way. Despite Stella's indiscretions and Chapter 27, this book/series is a serious certifiable favorite.

Although I'm pretty fucking(10) sure, that Ms. Amazing Author over here was trying to give me mad anxiety over the course of this series, she did a kick ass fucking(11) job with these books. She's definitely got me sold on any other book she ever writes for the rest of her amazing-anxiety-giving-writing career. MAD KUDOS to you lady. Its not often I rate every book in a series 5 fantastically awesome FUCKING (12) Stars.

Trina's Review
Well, well, well.... However should I begin to explain how I feel about reading this book? Ok for starters... WTF? This final book was something else I cannot even begin to tell you well I could tell you but then I would have to kill you! So I will just say a few words and then be on my way... I am going to complain about a few things that didn't make me happy then I will discuss the things that did.. So if you haven't read this book yet and don't wanna spoiler turn back now... If you have read this then please continue.... Ok so here we go... Stella you are totally awesome how you continue get the shit handed to you and come out on the other side still kicking, but I really wanted to see you kick some ass for yourself.. I get why you didn't but the pissed off woman in me would have loved to see it... Jamie sucked made your life hell kick his ass and stop feeling guilty about it, next.. Millie can I just say.. Will you be friends with me??? Now on to our leading men.. What can I say about Patrick that we all aren't feeling??? Poor guy I mean I would love to see him get his happy ending please because even though he f'ed up the whole keeping secrets thing he sure was a sexy loyal friend for Stella. Now George what can I say about George? Well let's say this... You pissed me off in book three! I still think you are the perfect book boyfriend but let me just tell you this... If I was being shot at, kidnapped, threatened and all around harassed on a daily basis and you left my ass to go trotting the globe on some story writing expedition with your ex-girlfriend that was supposed to be lasting for a year??? well let me just say more words than 1/2 of a page worth of fighting would insue tat is for freaking sure! Then you get pissed at me cause I freaked out at the end and did shit without you well... Fucker you left me to chase your dreams and left me holding the bag so don't get pissed at me! Ok enough venting... George yes I will marry you still and have your Irish babies... R.l. Griffin you did an amazing job of getting me so invested in all these fictional characters that I know them, feel for them, cry for them, and rage for them.. A million stars to you and please never stop doing what you do best... Writing for me and many many others to enjoy!!!!

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