Monday, June 2, 2014

5 Star Review! Between Before and After by Amanda Dick

Danny Morris left behind a gun, a tonne of questions and a big hole in the lives of those he loved. What he didn’t leave was a suicide note. 

That was three years ago and on the anniversary of his death, his friends mark his passing by gathering at his parents’ beach house in New Zealand's gorgeous Marlborough Sounds. Danny’s decision may have seemed like the easy way out for him, but there is no doubt about the wreckage he left behind. 

Danny's girlfriend, Kate, holds onto his memory by continuing to live in the house they shared. Desperate to move on with her life, the need to understand why he shut her out holds her back. Her blossoming feelings for Danny’s best friend, Finn, only complicate matters. 

Finding Danny’s body has impacted on Max in ways no one could ever have imagined. Withdrawing from his high-flying lifestyle, he has carved out a much simpler life, moving from town to town as he tries to run from the nightmares he refuses to talk about. A new development, self-medicating with alcohol has him sailing dangerously close to the edge.

Finn is finally ready to admit how he feels about Kate, but the ghost of her relationship with Danny continues to haunt them both. Desperately trying to save Max from himself dredges up long-buried anger and frustration at the situation they now find themselves in. 

Friendship. The word itself conjures up images of trust and love. But what happens when that trust is broken and that love is thrown back in your face?

Five friends. Three days. One shocking discovery that will shake them to the very core. This year, everything will change.

What can I even say? Amanda Dick has done it again ladies and gents!!

Between Before and After was... Sigh... A roller coaster to say the least.

This book covers the grief of 5 friends who are still attempting to deal with the sudden loss of their friend Danny. And let me just tell you, it's gripping.

From the very first page, you can't help but to be sucked in until the very end. Amanda's characters are so well developed that everything they feel, you feel it too. Every high, every low, you ride that coaster with them. Although complex in its entirety, this book was an absolute pleasure to read!

In the six hours it took me to read this book, I was completely transported from my comfy seat on the couch right into the middle of the world these characters lived in. I highly recommend this book and suggest everyone take the time to be transported the way that I was!

Congrats on another amazing book Amanda!

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