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That Which Destroys Me by Kimber S. Dawn

That Which Destroys Me
***This is a story of perseverance, trying to overcome the transgressions others inflict upon you, it’s a story of love gone wrong and obsession gone mad. This book contains raw and graphic sex, obscene language, violence, torture, rape, assault, none of which is limited to persons over the age of consent. This book is intended for MATURE AUDIENCE MEMBERS ONLY, and NOT intended for the weak at heart, nor persons with triggers related to child assault, rape or abuse.***
A beautiful, enchanting story of love, happiness—*Record needle scratches across vinyl* 
I'm just fucking with you. Love, happiness, and fairy tales… Yeah, they don't live here anymore.The only things residing amongst these thin and baren walls are Dominance, submission, and twisted fucking obsession.Stella gets knocked down over and over throughout her life… Though she is bloodied and battered she stands back up every single time, smirks and nods before asking, "That all you got?".
Wesley has shoved his way through the rich life with both middle fingers up. He's also shoved his way through half of the socialite population, but all that vanilla has left him a starved man. He knows he can't keep his Dom fed with kinky little masochistic vanilla's anymore.On his mission to find the perfect sub, Wesley stumbles across a broken, shattered angel, only to find when she comes up swinging, that this little angel knows how to fight.
He wants to be the one who breaks her…
But it's not a question of who breaks her, the question is who destroys her.

“We will fight, angel. We’ll fight hard. But it’ll be worth every strike below the belt. Every hateful or spiteful word said, because when we love, when we fuck, when our passion reaches an intensity so goddamn powerful like it has every single time, it’ll extinguish all the bad. I want all your hate, Stell…Just as much as I want all your love. We are doing this. And there isn’t a damn thing you can do to stop it, angel. Is that understood?”—Wesley Jacobs

I'm really not sure where to start this review. Be prepared because there will probably be LOTs of rambling and quite a few profane sentences.

I read this book about week ago. I don't know that you could necessarily call it "reading"...I think the correct term would be devoured. Yes....I devoured this book. In all, it took me about four hours to consume this book, and only when I finished it did I realize that it wasnt I who consumed and devoured this book. It was THIS book that consumed and devoured ME, and is still consuming me. 

Nearly a week later, and I still cant get Stell and Wes outta my mind. Nearly a week later, and I still cant find it in me to pick up another book and maintain interest in it. Nearly a week later, and I'm still broken. Completely and utterly broken.

This book took everything I thought I knew about "Happily Ever Afters" and obliterated it. Blew it to smithereens and tore it to shreds. This book is unconventional in every sense of the word. This book is one twisted, fucked up, masterpiece. 

Wesley Jacobs is...well...honestly. He's a fucked up, egotistical, Alpha-Dom. In addition to that, he's everything he's supposed to be, including a Savior. It's just unfortunate that everything he is...wasn't necessarily enough.

Despite her horrid past, Stella is do I put this simply...Stella is a fucking badass. Desecrated by her biological father, and every other man in her life since, Stell is a fucking fighter. Every time someone tried to destroy her, she laced up her gloves and came out swinging. Until Wes. Wes destroyed the only thing Stella had left to destroy: her soul.

Monsters don't only exist in the lands under your bed or in your closet. That's a fact Stella has known since she was two years old. Monsters live in our world too. They may be perfect strangers to most, but to some...They share a blood line, a last name, or a household. To some, they share memories, no matter how sparse or strange they may be. 

Monsters are bred, not born.

After reading this damned book, I was ...well I was pissed. How I let a BOOK...a fucking BOOK crush me, was beyond me. How in just four hours I grew so attached to Stella and Wes, that when the story ended and I kept attempting to flip the page and nothing happened, I could quite literally feel my very REAL heart breaking for these very UNREAL characters. Why would Kimber do this? Why would she rip away the ONE thing readers READ for?

Traditional? Hell no, and if you've read any of Kimber's other books (which I have), it would do you well to remember that Kimber doesn't do traditional. So why the hell did I expect anything different from That Which Destroys me?

After stewing in my anger, posting about it on facebook, and finally actually talking to Kimber herself, it clicked. Everything clicked right into place, and the hatred I felt for this story, instantly turned into understanding. And in my mind, I fell in love. Not with Wes, or Stella, or Kimber. But with the story. As a whole. The words written in the pages, the emotions I felt while reading them, and finally, the way the story ended.

While this story doesn't have your traditional "happily ever after"...if you look really hard, like squint-your-eyes-almost-shut hard, and read between the lines,there was a happily ever after, after all. But seriously, you have to look REALLY fucking hard to find it, and when you do, you'll come to love (while hating at the same time) this book the way that I did.

Author bio:
Who is Kimber? Shit, sometimes even I don't know, lmao. However if I had to type up an author bio (which, son of a bitch, I do) this is how it would read. BTW, caught a lot of shit for this author bio. Really don't give a fuck though, because I was asked to type up a bio. And if I can only say one thing for certain about myself, it's this: I'm real, I don't back down from what I believe, I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. I don't bite my tongue and I never try to hide the ugly parts of who I am... You either love me or hate me, but if you love me... I'll always be loyal, no fucking matter what ;)
I can be called a billon different things—daughter, wife, mother, labor unit nurse. I sell pussy on the side. *Coughs* That would be Persian kittens, thank you…you dirty-minded scoundrel. I'm a book blogger, book pimp, and a book whore. My two indulgences are my Jack’s in life…Jack Daniel’s and Blackjack. My biggest dream, the day I'll acknowledge that I've succeeded in life and can I die a happy woman, is the day I get to go two stark-naked hour-round sexual bouts with Jason Statham. *Sighs*
I was born and raised in Louisiana… and No, I do NOT live in a bayou, I actually see the beaches on the gulf coast more than I see a bayou, lol. I started writing poems and short stories very early in my life. You know, for the Michaels and Leos and Nicks in my life. I've been a book hoarder since I was eleven years old, but then a couple years ago something wonderful happened! The 50 Shades of Grey craze brought to life my inner smut whore and I commenced to read anything and everything smut affiliated. When reading wasn't enough anymore and I noticed that so many of the authors of my favorite indie authors and their books weren't getting the exposure their work deserved, I turned it into a mission, starting my own blog, buying their books and reading them one by one. I then wrote my reviews for my blog and didn't hold back in writing them (Hell yeah those motherfuckers a profanity laden). I've never done a single thing in my life halfway. I always go all in. After the success of my Blog, and the insistence of one of my bestest friends, my sister from another mister, Trina Taylor of Bad & Dirty Books, I was ready to finally take the plunge and see if I could write a book that was worth a damn. I'm a Southern girl to my core, a self-proclaimed smut whore, and I keep hearing that I’m an author, but honestly… I don’t believe the rumors, lol. I don’t feel like a kickass bitch spittin’ out lyrics, or stories, like a motherfuckin’ rockstar.
Tattooed across my ribs are the words I have always lived by: 'Aut viam inveniam aut faciam tibi.' Latin for: If I cannot find a way, I will make my own.
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